Personalized Poker Coaching

Our idea of poker coaching.

All of our poker coaching sessions start with one central element: you. We are aware that coaching must be different for every player and so we customize our poker coaching to every player individually, based on your wants and our perception of your room for improvement.

For that reason the Value Poker coaching approach deliberately differs from the “Coaching for Profit (CfP)”-system that most other poker coaching sites use, because we believe that you should not be playing poker with the mindset that a percentage of your winnings goes to your coach or an organizaiton. Your winnings are the results of you improving at the game and so these winnings should fully benefit you. 

Our coaches have years of experience in coaching both individuals and groups, resumes and testimonials are available upon request. There are many different ways of how your Value Poker coaching can be set up, ranging from coaching by the hour, group coaching to a fully customized individual mentorship program over a defined period of time.

Value Poker Coaching Concepts


Improve your game with individual or group poker coaching by dedicated coaches of the Value Poker coaching team. All of our coaches have years of experience in the game, proven win-records and the ability to coach a winning play-style in stakes of up to 1k. Every coaching provided differs as it is individually adapted to a players’ needs and areas of improvement. 

If you’d like to speak to a coach before committing to a coaching session, please let us know and we’ll arrange for you to speak to your designated coach to discuss how to improve your game.

Mentoring Program

Whilst coaching by the hour is available at Value Poker, the Value Poker Mentoring Program was designed for players, who are looking to consistenly improve their game and work with a coach over a given period of time.

By definiton, the Value Poker mentorship program includes 1:1 guidance on every aspect of the game, on and off the tables. It usually runs for 1 month (4 consecutive weeks), although the time-span can be indivudally customized. The following is included in the poker mentoring program:

  • 2 hour coaching-session per week, based on your needs and wants
  • Individual game-play support via Discord: 3 individual 30 minute time-slots per week where you ask questions/”be sweated” by your coach.
  • Access to a Value Poker course of your choice (starter or pro)
  • Exclusive access to our Value Poker ranges
  • Exclusive access to the subscriber-section of Value Poker’s discord community
  • Detailed follow-up plan on how to continue after the mentorship 

Needless to say that before agreeing to, we will always arrange for you to e-meet with a coach and discuss. Therefore if you are interested in a Value Poker’s mentorship program, please reach out to us at so we can see which coach suits your needs best.


Value Poker Coaches

Here is an overview of our coaches, needless to say that they have all been approved by Value Poker’s strict poker coaching requirements. These include not only being a winning poker player, but also being able to constructively transmit knowledge to other players. Our coaches are all people like you, that grinded the tables and one day decided that grinding wasn’t enough but instead they wanted to start winning. Resumes and playing stats of our coaches are available upon request, if you are looking to speak to a coach before deciding if you want to pursue a coaching with Value Poker, please reach out to us at 


Head COach

After quitting my day-to-day job, I tried to become a professional poker player for a long time. I would say I was not very talented and for a long period I was struggling to find my game.

The first time where things started to click was when I collaborated with other professional poker players and exchanged ideas and strategies with them. 

Once PIO solver hit the markets, I tried to mimic the solver and play a pure GTO strategy. Although I was very excited about PIO solver and its potential it made my game worse in the beginning and I started losing.

After being tired of losing, I dived deep into the lab and analyzed everything there is to analyze. I am proud to say that the strategies that have emerged from my research have allowed me to play stakes up to NL2000.

In 2021 I decided to start Value Poker and make it the best cash game coaching site in the world.

Captain Value


I started playing poker in Germany roughly 10 years ago. After grinding out the lowest of stakes online I played live cash games in the local casino. I was never a losing player, but I also never really won a lot by playing the game because I didn’t take it that serious.

In 2018 I made the conscious decision to really start analyzing the game and climb up the stakes. I took coachings, bought tons of courses and watched even more videos but I still always felt my game was stuck and I didn’t make the improvements that I was looking for.

This drastically changed when I met our Value Poker Head Coach “LeGoat”. He taught me how to go from Micro to Mid Stakes in rapid time and showed me a professional approach to the game of poker that I am happy to share with others.

Your Poker Coaching.

Book your coaching session with Value Poker today, by using the message box function, catching up with us at or reaching out to us on our discord channel. Please note that our coaching is subject to availability and must be confirmed to you in writing.

If you are unsure about booking a coaching session, please feel free to send us an E-Mail to to get free advice on the benefits of a coaching session with us. It is in both your and our interest that any coaching element you may be seeking support with is discussed prior to the coaching, to ensure that you feel you are getting the maximum value for your investment.

If coaching is not what you are looking for at this time, find out more about our poker courses.

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