The idea behind Value Poker.

Our philosophy.

“Everything popular is wrong” – Oscar Wilde

At Value Poker this Oscar Wilde Quote stuck with us when we looked at the state of poker coaching and online poker courses. Through a decade of grinding, we came across every coaching product one can possibly imagine: we tried all major training sites and we watched most of their videos.

In the end we were left wondering: why did all this content fail at improving not only our games but also that of our fellow grinders and friends? Granted, poker is not necessarily a simple game. One must make complex decisions repeatedly. Most of those decisions are a combination of logic, math, thinking in ranges and solver work. So naturally, becoming a strong player must be complex too, right? If your answer to this question is yes, then you are not to blame because this is exactly what we thought for a long time. But here is the thing: it is wrong. When we started developing our own strategies, we found out that the more we simplified our decision making, the easier it was for us to memorize and execute it. And the most important thing: we started winning.

Eventually, we created Value Poker with a very simple goal in mind: teach players a strategy that makes them realize that a simple game plan well executed is far superior than a difficult game plan which is impossible to execute.

A set of two reflective black casino chips with gold markings floating in the air on a dark classy background - 3D render

The Value Poker video.

The art of winning.

The majority of the game builds on mathematics and strategies that you need to not only understand but also adapt into your gameplay. Our courses and our coaching will help you understand not only the fundamentals of the game, but can also change your game from grinding to winning at the tables. 

Our poker courses are built on the foundation of countless hours of PIO solver analysis,  population tendencies and experience from grinding the tables, both live and online. Our poker courses will give you the necessary confidence to outperform 97% of all active poker players on your respective stakes.