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EXPLORE MORE The art of winning.
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EXPLORE MORE The art of winning.

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Discover all the online poker courses Value Poker has to offer, from low stakes to high stakes.

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Enjoy 1 on 1 coaching sessions with one of Value Poker's coaches and long-time poker veterans.

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Croatian Poker Legend HansTheGreat (> 1 mio. € poker earnings) has been a supporter of Value Poker from the very first steps. 

“If I were starting my poker days today, Value Poker would have been my Nr. 1 choice for courses and coaching.”

Value Poker



Austrian Poker coach LeGoat was a student of HansTheGreat in the early 2000s and has since then evolved his own game.

“Value Poker contains everything I have learned from grinding from micro stakes to NL 1K and beyond.”

Captain Value


German Poker hot-shot Captain Value was a student of LeGoat and is quickly climbing through the cash game poker stakes.

“My journey from NL10 a year ago and now playing NL500, was largely impacted by what Value Poker can teach you.”

About Value Poker

Online Poker Coaching

Change your game.

The art of winning.

At Value Poker we deeply care about one thing: winning.

In a game as complex as poker there is more than one way to win and yet, we have found a way which is more applicable to most players than anything we have come across to date. Simplifying a complex strategy to a degree where you know your entire range of hands in every situation and being able to attack your opponents range where it is the weakest whilst maintaining maximum EV – that is the core value of all our strategies.

The majority of the game builds on mathematics and strategies that you need to not only understand but also adapt into your game play. Our courses and our coaching will help you understand not only the fundamentals of the game, but can also change your game from grinding to winning at the tables. The poker courses are built on the foundation of countless hours of PIO solver analysis,  population tendencies and experience from grinding the tables both live and online. The poker courses will give you the necessary confidence to outperform 97% of all active poker players on your respective stakes. 

Welcome to the art of winning.

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Poker Courses

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  • Video Course + (NL2 - NL200)
  • Video Course ++ (NL200 - NL1000)
  • PIO Solver Live Analysis
  • Live Plays
  • Hand Review
  • Preflop Ranges
  • Gameplay Quiz
  • Monthly community video
  • Chance of winning one hour coaching
  • Individual course customization


399,- €
This course provides you with comprehen-sive and easy to follow game-plans for all preflop and the majority of postflop situations up to NL200 6-max cash games, as well as live plays across various stakes.


from 99,- €
The custom poker course allows you to configure your own online poker course, by chosing from a variety of individual modules based on your needs and wants, so you only pay for what you require.

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